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What is Trade More Return More 2021 Promotion?

When you join the Trade More Return More 2021 Promotion, you can receive cash rebates paid directly into your MT4 trading account, which lowers your trading costs and makes your Forex trading more cost effective.

How does it work?

When you open a Vantage STP or ECN account, you can earn 10% of your deposit back as a rebate. And, when you place a FX, Gold, Oil, or Silver trade, your rebate will be converted into real equity in your account balance.

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How is the rebate calculated?

  1. All eligible clients receive a 10% rebate on their deposit.
  2. For example:
  3. 1. John opens a Vantage live Standard STP account and deposits 5,000 USD.
  4. 2. John opens a Vantage live Standard STP account and deposits 5,000 USD.
  5. 3. John trades 200 lots on Forex.
  6. 4. A Forex rebate of 400 USD (200 lots x $2.00 USD) is automatically added to John’s account. This Forex rebate is now real equity that John can withdraw.
  7. 5. John still has 100 USD of bonus cash available for future Forex rebates (the initial 500 USD credit minus the 400 USD already paid).
  8. [Standard lots traded] x 2 USD = Real equity rebate



Per standard FX lot

up to 500:1


  • Earn $2 per lot

    With Trade More Return More 2021 Promotion, you receive cash rebates of up to 2 USD per lot directly into your MT4 account when you trade.

  • Transparency

    We will calculate the rebates daily and credit them as real equity on your MT4 platform, which can be withdrawn or traded with at any time.

  • No size limit

    Whether you trade 0.01 of a lot or 40 lots, you can receive real equity into your trading account as you trade, lowering your trading costs significantly.

How to claim my rebate

  • 1

    Open and fund your Account

    Open an account if you haven't already, and deposit to start trading.

  • 2

    Claim your 10% Bonus

    Opt in to Trade More Return More 2021 Promotion.

  • 3

    Start trading Forex

    Every lot you trade, 2 units of your credit bonus will become real cash!

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